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The NYC area and Steampunk. That's how we roll.
I reiterate for those who are apparently clueless: Courtesy, respect, and staying at least passingly on topic–these I require. My iron hand denotes law, but it rules with a gentle touch. Break the peace and you'll be warned or removed. Do it again and you'll be banned.

Yes, those removed may rejoin. Consider it a very strong slap on the wrist. If you can't behave, you aren't welcome, but you can have a second chance if you wish.

EXTRA UPDATE: SPAM IS THE EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE: Spam this community, you will be removed, banned, and reported. Me + games = Not happening.

This is a Community for those in the New York Metropolitan area (and anyone nearby or just willing to drive) interested in the Steam Punk/Steam Noir ascetics, and variants of. Post pics of your stuff and styles, arrange meetups, create events. Do whatever you will, but follow these rules:

1: Thou Shalt Not Flame. Idiocy in comments gets burned right back. The mod can be mean, but prefers being nice. Let's help him be nice, eh?

2: Thou Shalt Not Rant. We don't care what "Steam Punk" is and is not, and we don't want politics here. Debate it if you like, but do so rationally or we may just get out the walking stick ballista.

3: Thou Shalt Not Post NSFW Images Or Text. Yes, that Steamy outfit (*groan*) Looks great on you. We may /want/ to see it off you, as well, but save that for other communities that care about age, etc., etc., etc.

4: Thou Shall Be Supportive And Encourage Those Dubbed "Newbs". We all got into Steam somehow or another–very few were born wearing goggles.

5: Thou Shall Spell Check. It's just courtesy.

6: Thou Shalt Not Be Anal About Spell-Checking. Still, just bleedin' courtesy.

7: Thou Shall Cut Images Larger Than 300x300 Pixels. You break my friend's page, I be unhappy, capice?

8: Thou Shalt Not Spoil Movie/TV/Book/ANY Endings Or Plot Points. At least cut that stuff ;)

9: Thou Shalt Not Support Or Propagandize Piracy Of Media. Regardless of your opinions, it's the law and we run a clean airship. If you wanna talk about the politics of that... well, wrong forum.

10: Thou Shall Read the definition of "Steam Noir" below.

What the heck is "Steam Noir"?

Remember those old Film Noir movies and shows? Not likely, but whatever. Do a google search (*lesigh* I can't believe I said that). This was the penny-dreadful style detective stories written by the likes of Raymond Chandler with over-narrated, melodramaticism set, usually, somewhere around 1910-1930 (Most commonly in the 20's). It's dark, gritty, and yet casually flippant about the whole thing. You would be too, if you lived in such a grimy time. But it was also a time of scientific glory and brilliance, and GODS but we wish madness had been bigger into it!

That's where Steam Noir comes into play. If you've ever wished Dick Tracey could have worn goggles, or wanted to see Al Capone and the East Siders shoot it out with tommy guns firing electric bullets (ala Jules Verne) or sky scrapers being built with the aid of enormous metal monsters belching steam, smoke, and fire, then you've wanted Steam Noir. Pin Stripe Suites and Brass Clockwork Belts. Speak easies with mad science beer taps, and fedoras with built in far-glasses. What time that never was...

Membership is completely open and anyone can post/join/comment. No posts with comments disabled, please, and don't force us to go to your journal to see something or comment (unless you're referencing something. Seriously, don't test me :P)