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New York Steam
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WELCOME! This is NYSTEAM, a community for people interested in Steam Punk/Steam Noir in the New York City Metropolitan area and people near by.

November 2012
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mlleviolet [userpic]
Save the Date: NYC Bartitsu Workshop and Pub Quiz with Mark P. Donnelly, March 10-11

[Bartitsu Workshop March 11]

Do you want to learn to fight like Sherlock Holmes? Then save the date for a four-hour Bartitsu workshop with Mark P. Donnelly, Professore di Armes, on Sunday, March 11, in Manhattan. Visit www.nycsteampunk.com/bartitsu/seminars for more information or RSVP on Facebook for the workshop.

In addition to the workshop, the New York Nineteenth Century Society will also present a Steampunk Pub Quiz hosted by Mr. Donnelly at everyone's favorite steampunk bar The Way Station on Saturday, March 10. It's not a test, just a fun social event. Enter as individuals or teams to win fabulous prizes by answering trivia questions about steampunk and the 19th century. Or just drop by to lift a glass with us and watch the contest! Visit www.nycsteampunk.com for more information or RSVP on Facebook for the pub quiz.